The New Jersey Gambling Law Enforcement Division has approved GeoComply’s application to become licensed as an Auxiliary Company in the Casino Industry, which means that GeoComply will be able to enter into agreements with online casino operators who have licenses to offer services in the state.

Since the state of New Jersey has legalized online gambling within its borders, GeoComply was a logical option for online casinos and online gaming platforms Founded in 2011, GeoComply has become a very reliable provider of geo-location services in the industry. Its own executive director, Anna Sainsbury has more than 30 years of experience in the online gambling business. Now that the company has been approved by the New Jersey Game Law Enforcement Division, online platforms will be able to lie down if any players are playing in New Jersey’s online casinos outside their border.

Now that GeoComply has received approval, the company can now enter into agreements with operators of New Jersey online casinos.

Anna Sainsbury commented that the company is very honored to have received approval from the New Jersey Gambling Law Enforcement Division. Sainsbury added that the company will, without exception, comply with all laws and regulations when providing its geo-location services. Thus, the company ensures that it provides quality service at the highest level to licensed New Jersey casinos in terms of accuracy and integrity.

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